Dastardly Deceptions

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Kara Carmery grew up wondering if she was indeed responsible for her fathers death. Born as a servant on the estate of the wealthy Lord Bolwyn in eighteenth century England, her life is turned upside down when he takes her into his home after the death of both parents, and raises her as one of the family. Her rare beauty immediately sets her at odds with the lords spoiled daughter, Miranda. When Miranda mysteriously dies at age eighteen, suspicion is cast on Kara, thrusting her into peril and intrigue. She is forced to dig into the past and unravel a set of lies and deceptions that threaten to destroy her. At her sisters funeral Kara makes the acquaintance of the handsome Captain Gloutingham. Will Kara survive the truth, or will it destroy any chance of happiness she might find with the captain? Join author D. Darlene Sonntag on a thrilling ride of suspense and romance, testing the faith of all those involved in Dastardly Deceptions.
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