Days of Destiny - The Journey Begins. . .

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Would you ever think that an ordinary man could accomplish the extraordinary task of bringing down a group of terrorists—highly trained killers who attempt one of the most deadly terrorist plots in the history of Israel? It is a plan to bring a massive shipment of arms and explosives into Israel. If successful, it could change the balance of power forever. The terrorists backup plan is biological, an attack that could leave thousands dead on the streets of Jerusalem. One young man, whose life becomes a series of personal tragedies, is led to fulfill a destiny that places him between the terrorists and the agencies of the Israeli government.The first book in the trilogy by author Jay Schein, Days of Destiny will capture your imagination and your heart. The characters are so real and true to life, you will share their every emotion and the thrill of a story that will leave you wondering—is it real or fiction?
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