Dead North

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What was once Jessie Arnold's home is now nothing but charred ashes. With her life in pieces, she gratefully accepts a friend's proposal to drive his RV up from Idaho. She sets out from the Lower 48, sharing the journey with new friends she encounters along the way. One of them is Patrick. Jessie offers the hungry, frightened teenager shelter and a ride but he disappears at Jasper National Park. Suddenly, police are swarming around Jessie, searching for the runaway in connection with two shocking murders. Jessie's instincts tell her that Patrick is innocent, but her concern has plunged her into the deadly center of a crazed blood vendetta. Patrick is a lightning rod for violence and death. And now Jessie is a target.
"Dazzling. . . . Adrenaline-pumping."-New York Times Book Review
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