Dear Leader - Poet, Spy, Escapee--A Look Inside North Korea

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‘The General will now enter the room’
Everyone turns to stone. Not moving my head, I direct my eyes to a point halfway up the archway where Kim Jong-il’s face will soon appear…
As North Korea’s State Poet Laureate, Jang Jin-sung led a charmed life. With food provisions, a travel pass, access to strictly censored information and audiences with Kim Jong-il himself, his life in Pyongyang seemed safe and secure.
But this privileged existence was about to be shattered. When a strictly forbidden magazine that he lent to a friend goes missing, Jang Jin-sung must flee for his life.
Dear Leader is an unprecedented insight into the world's most secretive country. Never before has a member of the elite described how this totalitarian state is run, through its propaganda machine. A very rare, highly readable account, it exposes a side of North Korea which has never before been seen. It is also the heartstopping story of a breathtaking escape to freedom.
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