Death and Deliverance - A Young Civil War Soldier's Journey

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September 1861. Israel Youse leaves his family and farm behind to join the Fighting Chippewas, the 81st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment of the Army of the Potomac. A naive young man, Israel is filled with the excitement of youth and adventures he will have with his cousin, Davey, as they leave to defeat the Confederacy. Fueled by dangerous challenges, relentless fear, and the continuing effort to survive personal and physical battles, Israel is quickly driven to manhood, and the thrill that once warmed him leaves him cold and lonely. By using the reality of his military experience, author Keith Youse weaves together love of country and the realities of war to vividly breathe life into the war that tore our nation apart. Death and Deliverance is a stark portrayal of the bravery and passion of a conflicted nation, reminding us that those on the other side of the line are not that different from ourselves, and forcing us to find the courage to fight and the strength to pray.
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