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She thinks she knows who she is and what she wants, but when the web gets terribly tangled, is her game of deception a clever lie or a deadly trap?
Two bodies in an isolated canyon on the edge of L.A. One with saddlebags filled with diamonds.
That's how it begins for Liz Towne, a stunning blonde with a devout husband who has given up a prime job for reasons Liz cannot understand---for 'Mac' MacDonald, a Gulf War vet who's done time in prison and is just now finding his way back to normal life---and for Roxanne 'Rocky' Towne, Liz's sister-in-law, who suspects things she cannot prove. All three are thrown together after a tragedy in Pack Canyon.
After finding the stolen diamonds, Liz is faced with an escalating set of choices: Truth or lies? Stop or keep moving? All in or played out?

A stunning suspense thriller from bestselling author James Scott Bell.
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