Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

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Graciela "Ace" Jones is mad-mad at her best friend Lilly who cancels
their annual trip to Panama City for mysterious reasons; at her boss
Catherine for "riding her ass like a fat lady on a Rascal scooter;" at
her friend Chloe's abusive husband; and especially at Mason McKenzie,
the love of her life, who has shown up with a marriage proposal three
years too late. Ace is never mad, though, at her near-constant
companion, an adorable chiweenie dog named Buster Loo.
anger begins to dissipate as she takes matters into her own hands to
take down Chloe's philandering husband-and to get to the bottom of a
multitude of other scandals plaguing Bugtussle, Mississippi. Then, she
starts to realize that maybe Mason deserves a second chance after all.
a sharp and distinctive voice, Stephanie McAfee delivers a hilarious
and fast-paced tale about Ace Jones and her two best friends-thick as
thieves and tough as nails-navigating Southern small-town politics and
prejudices, finding love, and standing up for each other all the way.
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