Divine Soul Songs - Sacred Practical Treasures to Heal, Rejuvenate, and Transform You, Humanity, Mother Earth, and All Universes

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The fourth title in Dr. Sha's New York Times bestselling Soul Power Series greatly amplifies the original teachings and practices that he introduced in Soul Wisdom, the first in his Soul Power Series, and offers an in-depth discussion of seven Divine Soul Songs given directly to him by the Divine. They are:
Love, Peace and Harmony (the first one received by Dr. Sha)
God Gives His Heart to Me (the second one received by Dr. Sha)
Divine Soul Song of Compassion
Divine Soul Song of Yin Yang (this and the following three are Soul Songs of Universal Laws)
Divine Soul Song of Five Elements
Divine Soul Song of Message Energy Matter
Divine Soul Song of Universal ServiceDivine Soul Songs concludes with a collection of personal stories of healing and personal transformation from those who have used them as taught by Dr. Sha.
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