Do Not Go Gently - A Starletta Duvall Mystery

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Starletta Duvall is an exceptional police lieutenant: tough and professional. But when a serial killer begins targeting successful young black women, the victims’ resemblance to Starletta begins to haunt her. These women are smart and independent—how could the killer gain their trust so quickly?
In frustration, Starletta decides to become the bait, hoping the suspect will strike. What she can’t predict, though, is the powerful reaction she will feel. Not for the faint of heart, Do Not Go Gently is a gripping mystery and a disturbing journey into the dark recesses of a killer’s mind.
Born in Chicago, Judith Smith-Levin has been a model, disc jockey, secretary, playwright, newspaper reporter, television line-producer, and bookstore owner. She made history as the first uniformed female patrol officer in Worcester, Massachusetts.
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