Dogs Gone Wild - After Hurricane Katrina

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Hundreds of dogs, among other pets, were abandoned during rescue operations following Hurricane Katrina. Dogs Gone Wild is just that, an engaging, animated story of four abandoned dogs and their traumatic adventure through post-Katrinas destruction and devastation in New Orleans. It portrays the persona of four dogs who make up the pack: Mr. Reds, a Cane Corso; Spade, a German shepherd; Blackie, a mixed mutt; and Ms. Chancey, a Golden Lab. After a calamity of traumatic events, the haggard, weary, starving, and dejected dog pack voted to be picked up by the Animal Rescue League and be transported out of New Orleans for normalcy in their lives. Author Theresa Thompson, through her imagination, has profiled the humanistic attributes of four traumatized dogs during a catastrophic disaster. The dogs, once domesticated, are forced to fend for themselves. This heart-warming story, Dogs Gone Wild, will ask readers to consider, Would you leave your pet behind following a disaster? And do you have an evacuation plan that includes your pets?
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