Easy Reading for ESL Students – Book 1 - Twelve Short Stories for Learners of English

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This audiobook is for everybody who wants to improve their English. It’s fun to learn English by listening to interesting stories.A woman goes to an Indian reservation. She wants to see the shaman. She wants him to help her find a husband. The shaman knows a lot of things. Can he help her?A man breaks into a house. He thinks nobody is in the house. He has no idea that inside the house his worst nightmare is waiting for him.A woman is separated from her newborn daughter. The woman looks for her lost child for many years. Just as she gives up all hope, she sees a picture of a young woman in a newspaper. There is a striking resemblance between them. Is this her daughter or is fate just playing a game?A boy is bullied at school. He is desperate. One night he has a dream. He wakes up in the morning, and he knows that his life will never be the same. And many more…
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