Effective Virtual Meetings

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Virtual team meetings (teleconferences, webinars, video conferences, etc.) are increasing in popularity as organizations look for ways to decrease costs and increase productivity, service delivery, and employee well being. Virtual meetings can be as effective as face-to-face meetings, at only a fraction of the cost; however, the effectiveness of these meetings is constantly threatened – 70% of participants in teleconferences and other virtual team meetings admit to being distracted during the events by other work activities.This audio recording of an interview with Claire Sookman, a leading expert for over 15 years on virtual team management, reveals solutions to many common virtual team problems. She shares: How to use language effectively to facilitate communication and participation.
6 ways for reducing distractions during virtual meetings, keeping participants engaged and increasing the flow of information
How to create more structure for virtual meetings to facilitate team bonding and collaboration
3 techniques for dealing with challenging or difficult team members
5 additional ways to encourage collaboration and build relationships
3 things to avoid when managing virtual teams
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