Escape to the Riviera: The perfect summer romance!

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**Lose yourself in the south of France this summer in this fabulously feel-good beach read!**Carrie Hayes has a job she enjoys and a perfectly nice boyfriend. She’s sorted. Isn’t she?But Carrie’s life wasn’t always like this. As a young,wild drama student, she married fellow actor, RichardMaddox, after a whirlwind romance. Life back then wasfull of possibilities, but when Hollywood beckonedRichard, Carrie was left behind.Now an A-list superstar, Richard’s life couldn’t be moredifferent to Carrie’s, so when their paths cross in glamorousSt Tropez, she can’t help but wonder what might have been.But with lovely, sensible Alan in tow, Carrie knowsshe needs to do the right thing. The only problem is,Carrie and Richard never quite got round to getting a divorce…Lose yourself this summer on the French Riviera,the perfect read for fans of Lucy Diamond and Jane Costello.
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