Fairy Ointment

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Plot with the fairy ointment is quite mostly used in English Fairy Tales. This ointment allows people to see the world of fantastic creatures. Tales about the ointment are found in Scandinavia, France and Britain. A woman worked as a midwife, and one night she was summoned by a mysterious man on a black horse, so she delivered of baby in a wealthy house. The child was successfully born and she got some ointment to rub his eyes. She accidentally rubbed her right eye with this ointment, and found herself in the fairies dwelling. She did not tell anyone about her discovery and went home. The next day she went to the market and in a crowd saw a fairy-thief who realized that he was detected. Woman admitted that she can see the fairy with the right eye. What will the magical creature do with that woman? Read this traditional tale and find out!
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