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John Fell is a junior in high school. He gets straight A’s in everything but science, he likes to cook, and he works part-time at a gourmet food store. He’s crazy in love with his upper-crust girlfriend, Keats, a senior who lives in a palatial home on Dune Road. They are both counting down the minutes until the most important social event of the year—the senior prom. But when prom night rolls around, Keats is forced to back out of their date, and Fell accidentally rams his Dodge into the back end of Woodrow Pingree’s Mitsubishi. Fell’s accident proves perilously fateful, because in just a few months he will be in a new school, registered under another kid’s name, and in love with a completely different girl. Change comes fast and furious sometimes. Just how fast and furious, Fell is about to find out.
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