Fifty Ways to Leave LEFT BEHIND - Seeing Exodus as the Pattern for Understanding Revelation

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...To say that Jesus is ruler now is a statement that reaches almost blasphemous proportions...' Tim Lahaye-21st Century, The End Times Controversy *****
'From Jesus...the ruler of the kings of the earth...'
John the Apostle-1st Century, Revelation 1:5*****Who is right? Which is fact and which is fiction? What if we had a pattern to clear away the confusion? Roger Snow has shown us such a pattern in Fifty Ways to Leave Left Behind.
Exodus and Revelation both begin with tribulation and end in wedding vows. In both books a dragon waits to eat the Messiah child. In both books a woman flies away on eagles' wings to live in a new promised land.
These parallels are easy, but what if there were many more? What if there were as many as fifty more? What if reading this book turned your end times ideas upside down? Would you read this book?
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