Finally Broken - A personal journey through abuse, addictions, anxiety, and anger

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Finally Broken is born out of personal experiencesfrom child abuse, spousal abuse, multiple marriages, and addiction to alcohol and prescription drugsthat author Rena Montford encountered throughout her lifetime. Never admitting to having it all together, but using her own personal struggle as a way for readers to relate, Renas book invites readers to bring order to their own existence by inviting Gods control over every segment of their lives. The content is raw and honest, and offers help and hope to those who wonder if they have out-sinned Gods grace, or if their life circumstances have set them aside from being used by God. Is there a way back? Having reached the point of being Finally Broken, God has inspired the writing of Renas life so that those who do not know Him in the fullness of His power might believe and trust Him when all other resources they sought have failed.
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