First Interview With Artemus Ward

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Mark Twain came to the literature late. In 27 years he became a professional journalist, in 34 years he has published his first book. From the very beginning his newspaper publications contained features of an art sketch. Transformation into the real professional fulfilled after his trip to Hawaii in 1866. An important influence on his development had lecturing. Mark Twain experimented, looked for new forms of expression. In the story "First Interview With Artemus Ward" Mark Twain narrates how he met a very interesting person. Artemus Ward invited him to a breakfast where he drank cocktail from whisky and kept a very interesting conversation. Learn from the Mark Twain's story which conversation was started by Artemus Ward and how it has finished. Get acquainted with "First Interview With Artemus Ward " and enjoy the flashing humour of Mark Twain!
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