Forever Altered, Yet Unbroken

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Alter is defined as 'to make different without changing into something else.' However, when a precious child is tragically lost by family and friends, the alteration forever changes the mindset and body of those detrimentally affected. While there is no complete panacea for suffering the ultimate tragedy, Forever Altered, Yet Unbroken offers a message of hope and encouragement by having relentless faith in God and a dependence on Him despite the tragic loss of a child.
Though a deeper understanding about grief is vital to the healing process, author Kasey M. Carter's primary focus is to provide hope and encouragement to readers by allowing them to see and feel God's love and comforting presence. Powerful and helpful scriptures are incorporated throughout the book in order to better educate readers on how to maintain faith and not question God through His predestined plan for their lives. Readers will recognize how this tragedy can be turned into the perfect witnessing opportunity to share their story of faith in God through adversity if they will simply utilize it. Though we are all Forever Altered by the tragic loss of a child, we are Unbroken by God's grace and His inexhaustible love for us.
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