Forgotten Cargo

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This story is an alternative but possible true account of the reported sinking in 1942 of the ship S.S. Politician . The ship was loaded with cargo destined for Barbados this was the personal possessions of Prince Edward, Prince of Wales and Mrs. Simpson. The original story was written by Sir Compton McKenzie who at that time was a member of the secret service. His book Whisky Galore, later a film of the same name, may have been a cover up. The Secret Service did in fact scupper the ship and many artefacts and valuables were unloaded from the ship prior to it being sunk, being part of the Windsor Protocol they were secretly stored in the crypt of a house on a large estate near Oban in Scotland and they were generally forgotten about until 2002 when they came to light and the establishment in London decided that they should be moved South.
(This could be fiction????) (Just covering my back)
Word of this leaked out to a group of Scottish Politicians who decided to employ a well known figure in the Scottish criminal fraternity to put together a team of international
mercenaries to intercept the treasure and keep it in Scotland. The violent outcome was reported as a large drugs bust of International Drug smugglers?
Fact or Fiction???? You decide
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