From Playground To Podium - Building Confidence for Public Speaking... A Parent's Guide

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All too often, children approach the podium with hesitation, fearing humiliation from peers and teachers alike. Parents often ask, What can I do to help my child have confidence in the realm of public speaking? Author Ted McIlvain approaches the podium and delivers an informative look into the world of public speaking in Playground to Podium. Urging parents to enhance personal self-esteem while building confidence in their children, Playground to Podium engages the reader by simplifying the technical theories of human behavior for practical use. By his own personal experiences, Ted relays important life lessons that people can learn and use to develop positive mental pictures for themselves and their children. Parents and teachers will enjoy this practical approach to raising children to be confident and courageous speakers and leaders. Expectations will change as parents lead their children fromPlayground to Podium.
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