Generation Fix - Young Ideas for a Better World

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Have you ever thought about how you might make the world a better place? If you have, good for you! Did you know that kids with great ideas just like you are putting their ideas to work and helping people everyday?
In this book, you’ll hear the real life stories of 20 kids who found amazing ways to solve problems that grown-ups couldn’t. You’ll meet kids like Zachary Ebers, a 14-year-old who collected enough cereal so that kids at his school could have free breakfasts during summer vacation. You’ll also get to meet Ann Lai—a 12-year-old inventor who built a sensor to monitor the pollution levels being released from nearby smokestacks—and many others!
Award-winning Child magazine columnist Elizabeth Rusch is a frequent contributor to Know Your World Extra, Read, and the Oregonian newspaper. This inspiring book encourages children to volunteer in their communities, brainstorm, and imagine solutions to all kinds of problems, from local to international.
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