God's World Reloaded - A Contemporary look at the truth of the parables!

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Have you ever tried to understand the meaning of the parables? You're not alone. God's World Reloaded gives a fresh, contemporary perspective of these timeless truths. RA Beisner uses a wedding in Florida, a misadventure in Maine, a Board Room in California, and a courtroom in New York as some of the settings to reveal the truth of these two thousand year old messages. This fast paced, easy reading book combines everyday circumstances to reveal the wisdom of the ages. God's World Reloaded helps the seeker and the believer better understand their inherent need to enjoy a spiritual awareness. Anyone who wants an improved knowledge of Jesus' teachings should have this book in their library. God's World Reloaded is a readable devotional which will give insight and comfort to all ages regardless of your biblical familiarity with scripture.
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