Good Boundaries

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Does this sound like you?
Other people take unfair advantage of my time, money, or energy.
I’m always doing things for others, but find that no one seems to be looking out for me.
I’m often on the receiving end of physical or verbal abuse.
I worry excessively about people in your life.
Other people dominate or control me and my life.
I’m easily “pulled out of my center” around certain people.
I’m everyone’s doormat.
These statements reflect a lack of good, healthy personal boundaries. In this guided imagery meditation, Good Boundaries helps you see clearly how, when, and where other people invade your private space. It helps you consider the steps you’d need to take to correct the problem. And most importantly, it shows you how to operate in clarity and protection from your own center. When you operate from your center, you naturally create good, healthy boundaries, and attract people who respect you.
Max Highstein Says: Personal boundary issues are very, very prevalent in Western society. Anyone who was raised to be a “caretaker”, or suffered abuse early in life is likely to have “permeable” boundaries, and find themselves in situations where it seems like they are giving too much, or are the subject of continued abuse on some level. Permeable personal boundaries are a key ingredient in dysfunctional relationships and codependency. Unless they are dealt with, healthy relationships can be difficult if not impossible.
I designed this guided imagery program in two stages. The first stage helps us clearly see what’s going on in our life that isn’t working. The second stage provides a healthy new way of thinking about and being in relationship to other people, and offers the opportunity to consider what steps need to be taken to bring that into reality. If you struggle with boundaries, I invite you to use this program to see what’s possible, and make a shift.
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