Goodbye Abstinence- Hello Heart - An Ex-Pharisee Approach to True Love Waits

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This book is not for the faint of heart. The subject in these pages contain materials that can at times be awkward to discuss and hard to swallow, and yet, crucially important. Everyone makes choices in their approach to relationships, especially those relationships that have deepened levels of intimacy and romance associated with them. Abstinence is certainly one of those available choices. But, there just might be more to the questions we are seeking answers for in our relationships than should I or shouldnt I? Sex is everywhere we look, but is it the issue or is there something more that we are really wanting? Society seems to imply sex may not only be the answer but the ultimate goal for the lover, and a great frontier for the adventurer. The power of its influence can overwhelm us and can lead us on paths from which some people never find another way to live. But are rules and guidelines, even abstinence, really the best answer? Join John Hewitt as he engages the heart as both the cause and ultimately the solution for these questions, and invites you to join together at a table served full of food for thought concepts that may just be tasty enough to want to sample.
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