Greek Nuggets from the Gospel Gold Mine - Amazing Hidden Treasures of Insight and Inspiration

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Greek Nuggets from the Gospel Gold Mine is designed for people of all ages and theological persuasions as a devotional book or Bible study aid. Those who are unfamiliar with the Greek language will want to explore the rich treasures of its pages. From his many years of studying the Greek language, Dr. Donald M. Frazier has written Greek Nuggets from the Gospel Gold Mine, which has the potential to be an indispensable aid in bridging the gap between knowing and assuming the meaning of God's Word. It contains twenty-four Karats (chapters) that represent an identification, introduction, illumination and application of the original Greek neatly packaged in brief, easy to understand chapters.
The reader will learn: How Cain killed Abel, When your name was written in the Book of Life, Why God changed the name of the Eastern Gate after Pentecost, If Jesus dropped His Cross, and Where the Antichrist is now.
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