Griffin's Temptation

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It was a great altar made of thick stone, and on the large stone laid a creature that rested its head upon its front talons. 'I've been waiting for you, Griffin Dominic,' the being spoke.
In this sequel to Griffin's Calling, Griffin Dominic finds himself overcome by the merciless power of the evil Shriekian as their relentless temptations shatter his self-control. An untold secret leads Griffin farther into believing the Shriekian's deception and closer to betraying the Critins, the race he so desperately has been trying to save.
In the midst of all this, Griffin learns his role in the Critins' destiny might be more important than he ever imagined. This new knowledge leads him on a journey to the oldest ancestor of the Critins, where this boy's true importance is about to be revealed.
Will the vile Shriekian's power be too much for this seventeen-year-old, or can the love of the people around him show him the right path?
Brace yourself for adventure, enchantment, and unexpected events as N. R. Rose returns you to the land of Aranwea in Griffin's Temptation, where a young man fights the persuasion of evil creatures. If he does resist the enemies' power, will this be enough for Griffin to finally uncover the weakness of the Shriekian? Or will Griffin fail to meet his true and undeniable calling?
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