Growing Up Ugly - A Story of Finding Beauty Within

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I fantasized about people loving me and standing in line to be my friend. I waited to become a swan. Growing Up Ugly is a moving memoir about coming of age and realizing the beauty in this life we are all searching for is within our grasp. Join author Donetta Garman as she drifts in and out of consciousness after suffering a stroke and recalls some of the events in her unusual but loving childhood. After a traumatic birth, Donetta was left homely, clumsy, and awkward. Growing up, she learned to cope with being ugly by laughing at herself and trying to help hold the family together. While her family climate was dysfunctional, the cohesiveness of it was undeniable, and Garmans story is infused with the intense love and resilience of a peculiar but fiercely devoted family. With the help of her family, children, husband, friends, and God, Donetta finds that beauty really is only skin deep and there is a swan just waiting to escape in all of us.
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