Guided Imagery - Recovering from Illness or Injury

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Track 1: Guided Imagery for Managing Pain With Breath (15:14)
-A guided meditation to reduce pain and increase comfort through breath work
Track 2: Guided Imagery to Enhance Healing and Recovery (25:44)
-A guided meditation to speed the healing process and shorten recovery time from illness, injury and surgery
Track 3: Guided Imagery to Release Pain (12:24)
-A guided meditation to increase comfort by releasing pain from the body
Track 4: Guided Imagery: For Remembering Wellness (8:08)
-A motivational guided meditation to remember a time before this health issue, when you felt strong, healthy and well.
Track 5: Guided Imagery to Enhance the Immune System (17:50)
-A guided meditation to balance the immune system, assist with healing, and avoid complications during healing and recovery.
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