Habit 3 Put First Things First - The Habit of Integrity and Execution

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Habit 3: Put First Things First is about the day-in, day-out, moment-by-moment doing it-the difference between managing time and managing ourselves. After becoming proactive (with Habit 1) and defining goals (with Habit 2), Dr. Stephen R. Covey teaches listeners how to master self-management by developing integrity and intention based on those goals. This habit explains the importance of becoming principle-centered by creating a vision of and concentrating on the unique contribution that each person makes."Rather than focusing on things and time, focus on preserving and enhancing relationships and on accomplishing results."In this in-depth exploration of Habit 3, you will hear Dr. Covey help listeners identify what is most important in their lives, then illustrate how they can create personal and professional lives that support those priorities at all times. "The essence of effective time and life management is to organize and execute around balanced priorities."The key skills taught by Dr. Covey in Habit 3 are how to differentiate between "urgent" and "important" matters, how to define and develop your relationships, and how to communicate and delegate effectively."If we don't have a clear idea of what is important, of the results we desire in our lives, we are easily diverted into responding to the urgent."Dr. Covey also introduces the concept of the Emotional Bank Account, which listeners can apply to both personal and professional relationships. By learning to define and manage their "deposits" and "withdrawals," they can develop a profound understanding of the interdependence that exists between human beings.In his straightforward and entertaining style, Dr. Covey helps the listener examine the character attributes that lead to successful, effective behaviors. By living with honesty, integrity, kindness, and other time-tested principles, listeners find the real keys to changing unwanted behaviors.
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