Happily Ever Madder - Misadventures of a Mad Fat Girl

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Ace has left the tiny Mississippi town of Bugtussle for the palm fronds
and mojitos of Pelican Cove, Florida. She's finally opening her
long-dreamed-of art gallery, is kick-starting a life with her fiancé,
Mason, and has vowed to leave her straight-talking, sassy ways behind
her. From now on, she's going to be as sweet as sugar. Unfortunately,
something comes along to sour her plans.
That something is Mrs.
Lenore Kennashaw and her coterie of crones. They're a bunch of snippy,
snarky, and just plain mean ol' ladies who aren't quite as smart or rich
as they'd like to think they are. But that doesn't stop them from
treating everyone else like second-class citizens. And when Ace
inadvertently takes some of the steam from Mrs. Kennashaw's stride, she
becomes their number-one enemy. But with the support of a new group of fabulous
friends, as well as her friends from Bugtussle-and her always-faithful
chiweenie, Buster Loo-Ace will find a way to make it, even if she has to
throw some weight around . . .
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