Happy Baby, Happy Family: Learning to trust yourself and enjoy your baby

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Answers to the questions real mum and dads have during the first year.There isn’t one perfect way of parenting: every single baby and family is unique. Feeling confident, authentic and positive about your role as a parent is key to building a loving relationship. This book helps you find your parenting style so you can be the parent you want to be.Written by Sarah Beeson MBE, who has over 40 years hands-on experience of working as a health visitor, this book is full of the author’s secrets and tried and tested strategies on breastfeeding, sleeping, weaning, calming your baby and forming a secure attachment .Nurturing, practical and refreshingly honest, this book embraces the idea that one-size parenting doesn’t fit all, but with Sarah Beeson’s book to hand you have a best friend with great advice and a gentle approach to guide you through the first.Includes accompanying PDF with meal plans and illustrations of techniques.
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