Hard Target - A Novel

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Angered when the Joint Terrorism Task Force ignores evidence of an impending terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Gideon Davis enlists his brother Tillman as an undercover operative to infiltrate a group of white supremacists who may be involved in the plot. Having spent time in federal prison for his unauthorized actions in Mohan, Tillman lives off the grid and is reluctant to put himself on the line to protect the security of what he perceives as a corrupt and ungrateful nation. But in the process, though, he rediscovers his own patriotism. Eventually, Gideon and Tillman get on the trail of two men - industrialist Dale Wilmot and his lieutenant, John Collier, who are plotting to eliminate the entire top tier of the US government during the State of the Union Address. If their plan is successful, only one person will be left to take the reins - the Designated Survivor.The DS is a cabinet-level secretary appointed by the president who is kept at a separate location away from the State of the Union - and who would assume power in the event of a decapitation strike. In this case, the Designated Survivor has been hand-picked by Wilmot himself. Gideon and Tillman must thwart the plan before many lives and democracy itself are destroyed.
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