Healing Sexual Abuse

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Have you or someone you love suffered from sexual abuse? Over 32 years of working with people with all sorts of problems, I think one of the biggest challenges is helping somebody who has to admit that they were abused as a child - especially if they were sexually abused. I'm making this very special audio recording to help you to heal and feel safe, so that you can enjoy pleasurable loving sex. Hypnosis can help you heal and be able to enjoy sex as the pleasurable fight that is your birthright! Just let yourself open up as you listen to allow and welcome all of the suggestions that I make that can help you heal and feel good about pleasurable, loving sex. You can see that the time of hurt, that time of betrayal, that time of abuse, that time of sadness and loss of innocence should not have happened. Let that pain disintegrate, melt away. Let it go. Breathe it out. Let yourself heal. You're not alone anymore. You have permission to be a sexually, strong, loving, caring adult - a whole and loving person. Give yourself permission to believe the positives about sex as a gift.
Positive beliefs you can now have include: Sex is a controllable energy. Sex is a choice. Sex is a natural drive. Sex is uniquely valuable. Sex requires communication. Sex is private and respectful Sex is nurturing and healing. Sex is sharing with someone. Sex is an expression of love. You deserve to be loved and loving, to share love from the heart, to share words of love. You deserve to feel safe. You deserve to feel good about initiating sex and welcoming sex, to give and receive, to enjoy sex and have fun, to make a baby if you choose, to feel good to be in a sexual body. Being able to have pleasurable loving sex is your birthright, so give yourself permission now and forevermore.
As you relax, let yourself give yourself permission to think of sex as loving and delightful, pleasurable, passionate, playful and sensational. Just breathe and listen. Relax and step into your power as a sexually confident, capable person - at peace with your s
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