Hedgehog in the Fog Volu

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Hedgehog in the Fog first appeared as a cartoon adaptation and won numerous international prizes. It is considered one of the best animated films of all time. This audiobook is narrated in Russian and contains the first thirty one hedgehog tales. Each tale is accompanied by it's own specially composed music.
A little hedgehog heads out into the woods and encounters a beautiful white horse surrounded by thick fog. He is curious and wants to explore the fog. As he goes down an incline into the fog, it is soon so thick that the hedgehog can't even see his own paw. The fog alternately thickens and thins; when it thins the hedgehog briefly catches vague sight of objects and creatures which disappear again as the fog thickens. Hedgehog finds himself in a surreal and frightening world inhabited by shapes which are not always identifiable and various creatures ranging from predators to friendly animals, in a world of silence and rustles, darkness, tall grass and enchanting stars.
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