Hell's Harvest: The Judgement of N.P. Grimes

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Allow me to introduce myself,' it says with a Middle Eastern accent. 'My name is Nawkal the Treacherous One.' It studies N.P. just as a hungry dog would size up a prime cut of sirloin steak. 'I was assigned to you from your birth. You my friend were one of my most prized projects.'
What if an extremely successful man in the bowels of the earth, met the master demon that had prepared him for his day in hell? What if the great N.P. Grimes rejected God just one time too many and found himself in the place where hatred is unrestrained and mercy is not allowed? What if Hell's Harvest is the price we all will pay without Christ? Join new author Roger Clayton on an unforgettable journey through the regions of the damned and learn how to avoid Hell's Harvest.
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