Hit and Run - How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood

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The tale of how Sony lost $3 billion in the entertainment business has already become a Hollywood legend.
Hit and Run tells the improbable and often hilarious story of how two film packagers best known for
spending other people's money went on a deliberate campaign to reinvent themselves as studio executives.
With the exception of Batman, Jon Peters and Peter Guber were barely involved with the most
successful films they "produced", but this unlikely team got Sony to give them one of the richest deals in
Hollywood history.
In the fascinating Hit and Run, veteran reporters Nancy Griffin and Kim Masters explain the forces
that drove Sony to seek salvation in Hollywood. They chronicle the true story behind Sony's raw deal with
Peters and Guber -- from a costly flop and over-spending on talent to expensive firings and Heidi Fleiss.
Here on audio for the first time is the extraordinary account of what one studio chairman called "the most
public [screwing] in the history of the business."
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