How Did I Get So Busy? - The 28-Day Plan to Free Your Time, Reclaim Your Schedule, and Reconnect with What Matters Most

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If you can't remember the last time you had time to just stop and listen, then this audio is for you. Are you exhausted from rushing through your days, then dropping into bed only to find your mind racing ahead to the next day's to-do list? Are you constantly playing catch-up? Would you like to have more energy and time to invest in the people, activities, and goals that hold meaning? It's time to shed that burden of busyness.

Join life coach Valorie Burton on a revitalizing 28-day journey to take back your calendar, reclaim your sanity, and replenish your energy. Through her proven techniques and valuable insights, you'll discover how to carve out time for the things that reflect your highest priorities and, in the process, redesign your lifestyle to more fully express who God created you to be. Savor a lifestyle that truly nourishes your soul.

Packed with realistic strategies, practical steps, the Ten Commandments of Self-Care, and to-the-heart prayers, How Did I Get So Busy? will help you trim your to-do list, drop unwanted clutter, listen for God's leading, and nourish your soul with answers to your life's most important questions.
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