How Mr. Lion Lost His Wool

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Joel Chandler Harris was an American journalist, writer and folklorist. His is best known for his Uncle Remus stories written form the African-American oral story-telling tradition. Br‘er Rabbit (Brother Rabbit) is a likable main character who tends to play tricks on other animals. Often he is opposed by Br’ers Fox and Bear, as well as Br’er Wolf. Sometimes, however, he is outwitted, for example, by Br’er Terrapin by racing or by Br’er Fox with a Tar-Baby. In this story the Man slaughters some hogs and scrapes hair off them with a barrel of hot water. After the job is done, Mr. Lion comes, and Br’er Rabbit decides to prank him. This is a typical story of Uncle Remus, warm and kind, in will entertain your child and spark interest to get to know about Br’er Rabbit’s other adventures.
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