How Perseus and his Mother Came to Seriphos

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Once upon a time there were two princes who were twins - Acrisius and Proetus. They lived in the pleasant vale of Argos in peace but they were jealous of each other so Acrisius started a was against his brother. As a result they shared the kingdom. Later there came a prophet to that hard-hearted Acrisius and told him “Because you have risen up against your own blood, your own blood shall rise up against you; because you have sinned against your kindred, by your kindred you shall be punished. Your daughter Danae shall bear a son, and by that son's hands you shall die. So the Gods have ordained, and it will surely come to pass”. Being very afraid Acrisius shut up his fair daughter Danae in a cavern underground, lined with brass, that no one might come near her. So he fancied himself more cunning than the Gods. But once he was that she bore a son. What happened next?
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