How To Marry Mr. Rich - How To Find A Single Man Who is Making $150,000.00+Plus A Year

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[From The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), February 2015]
A woman is lucky if she has any kind of job at all today! But even if she still has a job, she may work at a dirty job like I did, at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook, flipping greasy hamburgers and fries (then serve them to abrupt, arrogant customers all day long), or as a cleaning lady for a small motel chain, changing hundreds of kids’ smelly urine-stained bed sheets at 5 A.M. (at that hour, I was out of my mind and half asleep), or as a maid for a home maid service, cleaning filthy, diarrhea-incrusted toilets in old people’s homes (I worked even when I had splitting headaches from all of the strong cleaners and disinfectants). I had those three dirty jobs until I quit them all, got smart, and married a rich Millionaire. Then, I wrote “How To Marry Mr. Rich” in order to teach every woman in the world that it is really very possible for you to marry a rich Millionaire, too!
So if you are a struggling, poor, or middle-class woman that desperately craves “The Good Life” than you need to learn and understand what the past generations of poor and middle-class mothers always told their poor and middle-class daughters: “You will have a lifetime of miserable poverty married to a poor man, and you will have a lifetime of trivial boredom married to a middle-class man, so Marry Mr. Rich.”
Melody Summers
Romance Novel Author
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