Howard's Gift - Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life's Work

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"This work offers wonderful wisdom for navigating the inflection points in our lives." - Mehmet Oz, MD
An iconic teacher. A warm friend. A generous mentor.
For more than 40 years, Howard Stevenson has been a towering figure at Harvard Business School: the man who literally defined entrepreneurship and taught thousands of the world's most successful professionals.
Now - spurred by Stevenson's heart-stopping brush with death - his student, colleague, and dear friend Eric Sinoway shares the man's wisdom and inspiration. Through warm and engaging conversations, we hear Howard's timeless and practical lessons on pursuing success and fulfillment, beginning with:
• Create a vision of your own legacy through a process called "business planning for life."
• Be entrepreneurial in driving your career ahead (even if you're not an entrepreneur).
• Exploit the inflection points in your life - whether "friend," "foe," or "silent."
• Cut risk in tough career and life decisions by shining the "light of predictability" on them.
• Plan for the ripples, not just the splash from your actions and choices.

Listening to Howard's Gift is like having a wise, caring friend sit down and say, "Let's figure all this out together."
"This book is truly a gift for all those seeking fulfilling careers." - Wendy Kopp, Founder & CEO, Teach For America
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