Husbands, Hampers, and the Search for Happily Ever After

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You don't have to look very far or listen very hard to hear something along the lines of, 'I just don't know what went wrong,' 'He's changed,' 'He seemed so right; I thought we were happy,' or 'I tried, but nothing seemed to work.' Heartbroken women all over the globe are asking the same questions. Why do some people make it while others don't seem to have a chance? What happens between 'I do' and 'it just didn't'? Is it really possible to live happily ever after, or is that just a fairy tale for the Cinderellas of the world who happened to be lucky enough to find their Prince Charming?
In Husbands, Hampers, and the Search for Happily Ever After, Patricia Yoder offers hope for women wondering what happened to the 'for better' part of their marriage. Drawing from her own relationship and research, Patricia's down-to-earth approach will remind you why you walked down the aisle in the first place. If you're feeling stuck in 'for worse', you'll find straight talk on common problems couples face and new, practical ways to tackle them.
With tips on how to assess where you are in your marriage, you'll have the opportunity to look at how your expectations and needs have changed since you said 'I do' and how to create the marriage you've been dreaming about. Whether your battles are over the right place to store dirty laundry (floor or hamper?) or how to pay the bills, this invaluable resource will revolutionize your relationship.
Don't settle for a lackluster marriage! Find what you're looking for in Husbands, Hampers, and the Search for Happily Ever After.
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