I Sing the Body Electric! - And Other Stories

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The mind of Ray Bradbury is a wonder-filled carnival of delight and terror that stretches from the verdant Irish countryside to the coldest reaches of outer space. Yet all his work is united by one common thread: a vivid and profound understanding of the vast set of emotions that bring strength and mythic resonance to our frail species. Bradbury characters may find themselves anywhere and anywhen. A horrified mother may give birth to a strange blue pyramid. A man may take Abraham Lincoln out of the grave-and meet another who puts him back. An amazing Electrical Grandmother may come to live with a grieving family. An old parrot may have learned over long evenings to imitate the voice of Ernest Hemingway, and become the last link to the last link to the great man. A priest on Mars may confront his fondest dream: to meet the Messiah. Each of these magnificent creations has something to tell us about our own humanity-and all of their fates await you in this collection of twenty-eight classic Bradbury stories and one luscious poem. Travel on an unpredictable and unforgettable literary journey, safe in the hands of the century's great man of imagination.
Track List for I Sing the Body Electric!:
Disc 1
"The Kilimanjaro Device"-Track 1
"The Terrible Conflagration Up at the Place"-Track 9
"Tomorrow's Child"-Track 21
Disc 2
"The Women"-Track 10
"The Inspired Chicken Motel"-Track 17
Disc 3
"Downwind from Gettysburg"-Track 2
"Yes, We'll Gather at the River"-Track 14
"The Cold Wind and the Warm"-Track 21
Disc 4
"Night Call, Collect"-Track 12
"The Haunting of the New"-Track 19
Disc 5
"I Sing the Body Electric!"-Track 12
Disc 6
"The Tombling Day"-Track 12
Disc 7
"Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby's Is a Friend of Mine"-Track 2
Disc 8
"Heavy-Set"-Track 1
"The Man in the Rorschach Shirt"-Track 8
"Henry the Ninth"-Track 18
Disc 9
"The Lost City of Mars"-Track 2
Disc 10
"The Blue Bottle"-Track 5
"One Timeless Spring"-Track 12
"The Parrot Who Met Papa"-Track 18
Disc 11
"The Burning Man"-Track 9
"A Pi
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