Iktomi's blanket

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An old native legend “Iktomi’s Blanket” tells us a story of Iktomi whose nice fat ducks were eaten by gray wolves. He was so hungry and angry that the only way to get food was going to Inyan, the great-grandfather. With his blanket over one shoulder he drew nigh to a huge rock on a hillside. Falling upon Inyan with outspread hands he cried "Grandfather! pity me. I am hungry. I am starving. Give me food. Great-grandfather, give me meat to eat!” Iktomi offered Inyan all he had – the blanket. And Inyan accepted it, because soon Iktomi found a freshly wounded deer. Iktomi was so happy and glad that the grandfather helped him and he wouldn’t starve. He was preparing to eat but suddenly it became so cold and the wind blew Iktomi found that he had no more blanket and he was cold. He decided that the great-grandfather didn’t need it and he could take it back.
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