In All Things...Moral Reflections and Decisions on Life Issues - Acknowledging God's answers to daily challenges

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Do you sometimes feel as though God has taken a vacation, and common sense has died? In a world that seems to be spinning out of control worse than ever, we need an anchor to ground us in faith and a compass to lead around the many pitfalls we face just trying to live our daily lives. That anchor and compass is Jesus Christ. James J. Jacksons book, In All ThingsMoral Reflections and Decisions on Life Issues, will encourage, entertain, and give you the comfort of knowing that you can deal with any of lifes issues, if you seek God's way. It will give you assurance that the Lord will give you the grace to endure anything. James J. Jackson has experienced more adversity than most have endured, but his writings in this book, which are a compilation of published columns, reflect how God guided him and blessed him in spite of all the slings and arrows he faced. You will be blessed by these columns, whether on the lighter side, or tackling heavy spiritual issues, as you envelope yourself In All ThingsMoral Reflections and Decisions of Life Issues.
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