In An Hotel

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One madam began to complain about her neighbors to administrator: "Give me another apartment, or I shall leave your terrible hotel at all! I have grown-up daughters and they always hear nothing but rude words all day long! This is a disaster! Sometimes he speaks about such things that it simply makes one's ears blush! It's a good thing that my little girls don't understand anything." And after her words the neighbor started to tell another story to his friends. It was a story about Lieutenant Druzhkov who tore his pants in a society of young ladies. In this raw of young ladies was a wife of Lieutenant Okurin. Okurin sent seconds to Druzhkov, but Druzhkov said that he should send seconds to his tailor who made this pants. "Did you hear that? That man should be expelled from your shebang!" said the madam to the administrator. But the administrator said that he couldn't expel this visitor. Read it till the end to know why the administrator couldn't expel him?
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