In the Days of Winter Wolf

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In the days of Winter Wolf, the Kiahawks face their greatest threat. General Frank Adkins of the U.S. Army has trespassed upon sacred Kiahawk land. On a journey to learn more about the white soldiers, Chief Winter Wolf travels to Shoshone territory to seek the advice of Grey Horsetail. While he is away, innocent Kiahawk women and children are slaughtered. Without their chief to temper them, the Kiahawk warriors, led by Eagle No Feather, rains death upon the soldiers responsible for the massacre. Winter Wolf learns from Grey Horsetail that fighting the soldiers is like fighting the rain. When Winter Wolf returns, his mentor, Eyes of Ice, is close to death. Before he dies, he must transfer his powerful medicine to the Kiahawk Chief. Winter Wolf knows it will take all the medicine he can muster to defeat the soldiers. General Adkins is torn between duty and conscience. He does not wish for the Kiahawks to loose their way of life, but if they do not agree to relocate onto a reservation, he will have no choice but to annihilate them. There is only one man who stands between the Kiahawk's survival or total destruction: The most powerful of all, Chief Winter Wolf.
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