Inspirational Lessons for the Soul - Equipping Women with Purpose, Peace, and Praise

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The dynamic voice of author Christina Lyles will prick your mind, saturate your soul, and motivate you in fulfilling God's divine purpose for your life.
The profound 'Lessons for the Soul' provide women of all ages with the battle plans for success in their home, ministry, career, and relationships. Christina focuses on being prepared to face the 'weapons of mass corruption' challenging the family structure, moral values, and unity of the faith that Christ has instructed women to uphold and teach.
With a tone of rhyme and reason, 'Dialogue for the Young Sistas' provides a range of contemporary dialogue for teenage girls and young women, equipping them with the principles of self-confidence, integrity, and boldness to flip the script on the enemy and write a new chapter in their lives filled with purpose, praise, and prestige.
Find out how women today can remain spiritually prosperous, peaceful, and proactive in their daily lives as the walls of uncertainty are torn down. Discover God's divine purpose for women in the Word and will of God.
Inspirational Lessons for the Soul lives up to its name by inspiring the study of God's Word, revealing lessons in life, and promoting grace and wisdom to women.
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