Institutio Oratoria (On the Education of an Orator), volume 1

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Marcus Fabius Quintilianus was of Spanish origin, being born about 35 A.D. at Calagurris. At Rome he met with great success as a teacher and was the first rhetorician to set up a genuine public school and to receive a salary from the State. He left behind him a treatise "On the causes of the decadence of Roman oratory" (De causis corruptae eloquentiae), some speeches and his magnum opus, the only one to survive to our days. His Institutio Oratoria, despite the fact that much of it is highly technical, has still much that is of interest to-day, even for those who care little for the history of rhetoric. (Summary adapted from the translator's preface) This first volume covers books 1 to 3.
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